Monday, January 4, 2010

Bears season, which ended in Cincy when Bengals scored at will, finally ends

It was either the last game of the 2009 regular season or the first game of the 2010 exhibition season, or in a no man's land in between, which is where Lovie Smith might find himself over the next few days.

It was a game that gave Daunte Culpepper a chance to audition for another team and Fox announcer Chris Myers an opportunity to try out his act for "The Last Comic Standing," which NBC is reportedly bringing back because their former first comic, Leno, is down for the count. But Leno was only the second biggest Jay-flop this year. At least NBC didn't give up two first round draft choices for him.

Last I recall Myers was a sideline reporter. Did he get the nod because other Fox

announcers were onto more important assignments such as college bowl games? Myers seized the opportunity by referring to a Bears player as "Devin Harris." The Bears are Devin-laden, but there is no Harris among them.

And Myers also said that the Lions' "defense broke through like they were at airport security in Amsterdam." Apparently Myers snuck that distasteful one-liner in his underwear and got it past Fox standards and practices. Just tell me when it's open season on 9/11. I've been dying for years to compare former Bulls giants Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler to the twin towers.

Oh yeah. The game. As if it mattered. Well, for a while the most exciting moment was when a fan did a fly pattern on the field. You couldn't blame the Fox camera crew for being caught off guard and showing the guy as he ran, but why the gratuitous shot of him being wrapped up in the endzone? Why give a moron what he wanted? This isn't "American Idol." This is the NFL, dammit.

The Bears got a victory. The guess is that Lovie was going to have to run on the field like that fan in order to get fired. In fact, a lot of fans wish Lovie would show the passion of that fan.

Jay Cutler's New Year's resolution must have been to give up giving up interceptions. He had none. And he found both his tight ends for touchdowns and would have found both his Devins for td's as well had Hester not dropped one early. But Aromashodu covered for Hester by catching two.

That's four touchdown passes in each of the last two games for Cutler. Sure, today's were against the Lions, a Ford product that needs to be taken over by the federal government. But last week's were against the Vikings, who crushed the Giants today. And today Cutler saved the defense because Detroit was one Culpepper errant pass in the endzone away from making it 27-27 late in the game.

All of which means that Lovie Smith should be removed as defensive coordinator? A 7-9 record means the Bears are an average football team. Does that mean Ron Turner should be canned just as soon as he seems to be getting it with Cutler? Or would that be as maddening and senseless as making airline passengers stay in their seats for the last hour of their overseas flights? I'll hang up and wait for Chris Myers to answer.

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