Monday, December 28, 2009

Frank Mir doubts Brock Lesnar will keep his UFC heavyweight title in 2010 Full VIDEO

Frank Mir and Brock LesnarFormer UFC Heaveryweight Champion, Frank Mir, stated in a recent interview with ESPN radio that he doubts current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, will keep his UFC heavyweight title in 2010 due to major weight loss associated with his illness, diverticulitis, which in turn suggests a major loss of physical strength as well (listen to the interview in the video below).

While Lesnar officially still has time to recover and regain his strength, Mir and Shane Carwin are scheduled to fight at UFC 111 in March 2010 and possible determine the interim UFC heavyweight champion.

Mir seems to have forgotten his own year-long recovery from a motorcycle accident in 2004, though. If it was possible for him to make successful comeback after that, he should expect no less from Lesnar. The nature of Lesnar's disease certainly affects the fighter in significant ways and it he might be leaner upon his return to the octagon. Nevertheless, sometimes changes of this nature can actually have a positive rather than negative impact on an athlete. Even more so since Lesnar was suspected to have been suffering from his illness well before the final breakdown a few months ago. Ultimately, he could come back stronger than ever before if he was only performing at 60-70 percent prior to the surgery as doctors have suggested.

Depending on how long Lesnar's recovery will take, it certainly seems appropriate to vacate the title in the near future.

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