Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Weather Stalls Travel in Midwest

Powerful snowstorms are making their way around the country and this week the midwest is getting its share of snow. Travel during the holidays is stressful even without snow and some travelers are going to have to be extremely patient as snow and ice cause disruptions to flights and dangerous travel on roads in the nation's midsection.

More than 200 flights at O'Hare International Airport were cancelled in Chicago, along with about 60 flights out of Midway International Airport. This is just the beginning of what looks to be an intense storm that will target the midwest with intensity on Thursday.

Heavy snow, sleet and rain is expected Thursday with the possibility of up to two feet of snow in some areas on Christmas Day. Three deaths on Interstate 70 in Kansas were blamed on slippery road conditions.

Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota all have had immense issues with snow, ice and poor road conditions are wreaking havoc on holiday travel. There have been several reports of ice on the roads in Nebraska being 1/4" thick.

At this time, reports that travel is likely to be dangerous to near impossible through the Plains from North Dakota to Kansas where blizzard conditions will develop and persist.

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